4 Metal Roof Problems

One of the best base metal material for roof is aluminum. It is a greener option than other base metals. It is resistant and durable to rust and also has energy efficient properties that is beneficial for every home. If you are planning to install a standing seam metal roof, you need to understand the common causes behind damage they can sustain. Your trusted roof repair experts from Mark’s Commercial Roofing discusses typical metal roof problems.

1) Corrosion

You have a high risk of rust and corrosion if you have a galvanized steel metal roof. The reason behind rust and corrosion is water and water borne pollutants. Usually metal roofs are often covered with water-resistant paints, so make sure you personally inspect the coating. Any damage to the coating increases the risk of rust. When installation is done, the metal roofs are cut. The cut leaves the open edge exposed, which wicks in moisture. This will start the rusting process immediately.

2) Weak fasteners

Fasteners and clips that hold your seam metal roof down are critical. Many roofers that install steel roofs, which includes galvalume and galvanized steel roof, use galvanized clips and screw to install their roofs. It can hold your steel roof on but are subject to deterioration and corrosion due to the moisture. This is the reason Mark’s commercial roofing uses stainless steel clips and fasteners, rust and corrosion free.

If proper material is not used for your roof during installation, it could suffer corrosion. Hire professional contractors to get a properly installed metal roof and make sure it is attach with the stainless steel fasteners.

3) Scratches and punctures can destroy your roofing

Detritus from trees and snow can scratch your metal roof and make damages over it. Issues with this can damage your roof’s durability. The scratches can chip the protective coating away. Moreover, punctures and leads to leak and damage the material. Make a time-to-time checkup for your roof so that you can do a time-to-time maintenance. You can follow simple ways to maintain your metal roof.

4) Fading Paint

Lastly, the protective coating over the metal roof is what increases the life. However, sunrays and rain can cause it to fade. When it starts to fade, your roofs also start to become weaker. If your roof coating fails due to an inferior paint, hustle and contact a professional to re-coat the roof with a high-quality coating.

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