5 Questions to Be Asked to a Roof Contractor When You’re Looking for an Estimate

Installation of a new roof is a big investment. It’s something you really only ever do once or maybe twice in a lifetime, so you want to be done in appropriate way. The difficult part though is selecting the right roof contractor. Even if you have done with the selection of material and color, you still look for a roofer who will give you an honest estimate and can deliver a quality roof sure to least the next few decades. So if you are in search of finding the right roof contractor to give an estimate.

Here are a few questions to ask while you’re interviewing to help narrow your choices down to a few top-quality professionals:

  1. Who will execute the task?

            According to the size of the company, it’s not always reasonable for a business owner to be at every single job site everyday. That said, a well known roof contractor will have a project manager in charge of job site, so you can go to them for any concerns regarding the roof. This person will understand the ins and outs of your roofing project and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Quality contractors assign a point person to each task, so that clients are in the know, and no need to worry about playing phone tag while trying to figure out where their projects is in the timeline.

  1. Do you provide warranty?

    Most manufacturer roofing material come with a minimum warranty of about 25 years. While warranties will vary from company to company depending upon the material you select and the roofer you’re going with, make sure you at least get a 25-year warranty. Some roof contractors might offer an additional limited warranty on their labor, but don’t go with anyone who offers you less than a 25-years warranty on the materials.

  1. Do you have homeowners references?

Well known roof contractors do tons of projects in summer. Most good ones won’t mind if you check out one of their on going projects to see what the process look like. If you’re planning a new roof in the off season, or if the roof contractor you’re working with doesn’t have any ongoing projects, then they should give you a list of a homeowner reference- these will be people they did roofs in the past, from here you can get the personal experience of the clients of your roof contractor. The contractor who refuses to offer references might not be the ideal choice. A well known roof contractor will proud to show off their previous work.

  1. Will you remove the old roof?

     It is very important to remember that in most cases, you’ll have your old roof removed before you can have the new one put on. While most of the contractors are very upfront about the cost of removing the old roof, there are some who will add up the amount in the end, unexpectedly increasing how much you have to pay. Make sure to ask if old roof removal is added in the initial estimate, and if it isn’t, ask to have them include it in estimate before you commit.

  1. How long it will take to complete the roofing task.

You want to have an idea of how long the job will take because, after all, they are roofing the house you live in. It’s not always fun to have workers up on the roof hammering away at 6 a.m., so you’ll want to prepare by asking how long the roofer expects your project to take. If you’re interviewing multiple roof contractors and notice that there are some installation time discrepancies, know that it’s likely a result of how many jobs each roof contractor has at one time. A company that has a ton of jobs might take a bit longer to complete your roof since their workers might be spread a bit thin, whereas a company with no other jobs will give you a super short estimate. If you can, pick someone in the middle, as they likely have other jobs, but not so many that your roof gets lost in the shuffle.

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