Announcement!! Save 50% On Your Metal Roof Restoration Cost

When we heard about the concept of restoration, we generally think about furniture or anything that we want to refurbish. But, did you ever thought about restoring your metal roofing? If yes, then you might be curious to know about the metal roof restoration cost or its benefits.

Know Everything About Metal Roof Restoration

Metal roof restoration is a cost-effective yet efficient process to renew the old and rusty look of your metal roofing. To maintain its beauty it becomes essential to opt for the best metal roof restoration process. Still, there are many individuals who think that roof replacement is the best way to maintain the aesthetic appeal of roofing space.

Let’s be honest! Roof replacement process can cost you more as compared to metal roof restoration cost. Restoring your metal roof can save you 50% of your money on roof replacement and other future repairs. The process involves:-

  • Identification of potential contaminants
  • Inspection of roof structural integrity
  • Replacement of compromised panels
  • Preparing the surface for coating
  • Apply the coating considering climate factor

As long as you choose the correct elements and contact the reputable provider to accomplish the job, the chances of saving money increases. This will eventually also protect the resources of our planet. Overall, metal roof restoration is the hassle-free solution to a long-lasting metal roof. To discover more benefits about metal roof restoration, keep reading!

  • Decreases your roof maintenance costs, protecting the structure of your house from water damage.
  • Enhance the overall look of your metal roofing with durable and flexible protective coating.
  • Reduce energy consumption because effective coatings reflect up to 85% of solar heat.

Unlock the Cost Of The Metal Roof Restoration!

After knowing metal roof restoration benefits and the process, now if you are eager to know about its cost, then here is your answer. It cost $7 to $12 per square foot, but this price varies depending on the height of your house and occupants. If you want the best roofing for your building that can save you 50% of your money, then Mark’s Commercial Roofing is your definite destination.

We use Conklin’s MR Systems™ for providing durable metal roof coating for long lasting performance at the cost of full roof replacement. As it is always said that a properly installed metal roofing system will last for a longer period of time. When an issue is discovered, our team will instantly provide a quality repair service.

To know the actual metal roof restoration cost, schedule your appointment with us. Contact us at (270) 473 1514 and we are here to help you with all your roof restoration queries.