DIY: How You Can Prevent Leaking Roof?

The most important thing you need on a rainy night is a roof without leakage. Have you ever stuck in such conditions? If not, I would pray you never stuck in such condition. However, it is always good to be ready to face such conditions. Well, I will share some of the steps, which will help you to prevent leaking roof.

Look For The Leaky Spots.

It may be difficult for you to identify the problematic area in the absence of rain or snow and therefore you may have to do the identification during wet weather.

The chimney, plumbing vent flashing, skylights, furnace shingles, fields of shingles, missing shingles etc. these are the places where often you will find roof leaks. It may be difficult for you to locate the leakage area in the absence of rain and therefore you might have to find it in wet weather.

Aside from these leaky areas, your roof may also suffer because it may worn out and needs a full overhaul.

Majority of leakage spots are never directly above the location where the dripping occurs on the ceiling.  That is the reason, locating the exact spot may require you to start in the attic. Here, you can locate a spot it through rays of the sun or pouring water and identify the location on the roof. Leak stains is another way to find leak spots. Normally, you will observe leak stains around skylights, vents and chimneys.

Emergency Roof-Leak Repair Measures

Sometimes it happens that a leak occurs right in the middle of a shower. You can prevent this by using plastic sheet to cover the leak area on the roof. You need to staple or nail this sheet along the eaves, climbing over the roof ridge, and some feet below on the other side of the roof. This should adequately cover the entire leak areas.

Short Term Repair for Roof Leaks

Once you have spot the leakage location you may as well, start execute some temporary repairs measures. Such measures may involve climbing to the roof armed with hammer and some nails and materials like tar and flashing.

Fixing the leak spot in this manner may suffice for a wet night but more repair work needs to be done if the problem is to be completely solved.

Replacing Shingles to Avoid Leaks

One of the simplest and easiest roof repairs you can do is when you identify the problem as bent-back shingles; the solution is replacing the damaged shingles. Remove the layer of shingle above the damaged ones and then replace them with new.

Issues with Collars and Flashings

Pipes are also a major cause of leaking roofs and the troublesome spots will mostly involve the collars and flashings. These is an immediate call for new replacement. Pipe leaks may also need some extra work like observing the wood under the roofs, which is soft after the water damage. Such wood surface do rot over time, hence they become unreliable. In this situation, you might need to do re-roofing of the house depending upon the type of damage.

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