Do You Know: Conklin Roofing is Best For Commercial Buildings

A commercial roof is one of the biggest and important investments done by the business owners. Once roofing is done the business owners do not have to think about it very often. Certainly, because it is out of sight and out of mind, but when it is on your mind you are worried about it.  

Being a business owner, you might be aware that roof replacement costs your thousands of dollars. One that business owners would desperately like to avoid. Depending on the problems plaguing your roof, like leaking seams or standing water, you may think that a total roof replacement is inevitable. 

Let’s see the top 3 advantages for Conklin roofing system: 


Longevity is one of the reasons which gives it a prominent position in the roofing industry. In fact, a lot of roofing system, regardless of its material, that used Conklin coatings many years ago have survived to this date. 

Roof quality degrades over time, that’s for sure. Many of factors play a vital role in the aging process of the roof. This is because of the climate and weather conditions in your area, ventilation and insulation, maintenance and quality of work. 

Make sure that you use a roofing coating system from Conklin to apply on your roof. It has many unique properties which slow down your roof’s deterioration process so that it becomes stronger and even exceed its average lifespan. 

Waterproofing the roof to block the leaks 

Roofing contractors say that the majority of complaints are related to roof leaking and they are really annoyed due to this problem. Rather than patching the roof for once, their contractor visits their building several times because the leak keeps happening again and again, sometimes even worse. 

People don’t realize it but the roofers are more annoyed than the owners. They don’t need anything more than to fix it once. 

Marks commercial roofers are trained to apply Conklin membrane coating system. This coating system covers your roof like a protective sheet. 

So, it doesn’t matter what material your roof is made of. Whether it is made up of PVC membrane, TPO, metal, or EPDM, the Conklin roofing coating will remove intimidating leak roof problem. 

Minimize cooling expense 

There is a very common problem faced by the people that are high electric bills. Are you facing the same problem? Then you must read it more carefully. Energy cost takes up a huge part of your business expense. There are many factors why your cooling bills have taken a hype and one of the reasons is the roof. 

Assume that your roof is the reason for this energy problem. Your roof might have a dark color which makes it less able to reflect the sunlight. 

If you want to save those high energy expenses, make sure your roof is reflective. So even if it’s hot outside, your cooling system will not have to work harder because your roof will not absorb the heat from the sun. 

Conklin Roofing Systems provides coating solutions when applied, make the surface of the roof more reflective. For instance, if you have a dark rubber roof, applying an EPDM gives it a white finish to reflect sunlight. 

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