Do you know why Conklin Roofing System is the best?

When it comes to business, the businessman is very much concern about the roofing because it is one of your most expensive assets. It is inevitable that if you do not prefer a good quality of roofing it may lead to full roof replacement in future because of leaking seams or standing water and it could be 6 digit penalty. The Conklin Roof Restoration System has a great solution for the 5 most commonly faced problems that ruins both flat rubber and metal commercial roofs, even boasting an iron-clad 18-year leak-free warranty.

The five roofing problems that can be solved by Conklin Roof Restoration system.

1. Leaking seam: As we all know single ply membranes come in rolls, the areas which are overlapped between the rolls are called seams, these areas are weak points on rubber roofs. As your roof gets old day by day, the water can infiltrate the seam, devastating the roof. The seams of metal roofs, between metal pieces, are also vulnerable for similar reasons.

2. Expansion and contraction of membrane: EPDM has a black membrane which expands when it contracts in heat, causing the protective surface to tear the edges.

3. Decaying of roof membrane: The chemical ingredient that consists the membrane of your TPO rubber roof may crack after resisting sun rays for years. Due to this the membrane itself brittle and cracks. These cracks allow water to infiltrate and undermine your roof.

4. Destitute drainage: Signals of poor roof drainage includes ponding water, the growth of algae and many more problems that can damage your roof to ruin your drainage, and it can be fixed if proper steps are taken at right time.

5. Rusted or rotted fastener: The biggest issue for metal roofs, the protective coating eventually washes off metal fasteners causing them to rust or rot.

Conklin roofing is unique because it requires a technical training. If any of the contractors that want to work with Conklin’s system must attend the training seminar of two days. The contractor can only represent the roofing industry only when he has earned certification. Nowadays contractors want to use Conklin roofing system just because the success rate of Conklin roofing is raising day by day and with successful outcomes. At Mark’s commercial roofing our team is confident you will see the value in Conklin’s roof coatings that offer superior protection against the elements and provide substantial energy savings.

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