Flat Roof Drainage Solutions By Mark’s Commercial Roofing

A flat roof is a special design architecture for a home and this unique style brings few extra maintenance expenses to worry about, namely the issue of adequate drainage. Whereas most flat roof houses are in areas that typically don’t experience much water or moisture, no matter where you live, you still need to make sure your flat roof is ready for rain with the proper drainage solutions. 

Now you must be aware of the proper drainage solutions and time to time maintenance from your professional roofing contractor. A flat roof can preserve from leaks as well as any other roofing issues. 

If you are looking for solutions to make your flat roof better implement to drain water; or else you are thinking about having a flat roof installation on your house and want to prepare it with the most efficient draining system. Here our experts have shared two most common flat roof drainage solutions and some of their merits and demerits.


The best and most cost-effective drainage solutions for the commercial and residential area with flat roofs. 

It is actually made up of open pipes that join on the edges of the roof. Also, they do not require any type of roof modification upon installation. 

The work of gutter is to collect the water that has drained off the roof. And also, drive that water down and away from the building. A guttering system also helps to save your foundation, windows, and doors, by directing water through a way, otherwise, it will be gathered in one place. 

Drawbacks of gutters: 

Gutters handle a heavy drainage so it requires heavy maintenance. That’s the reason they need to clean frequently. They have the possibility to crack and leak under the weight of leaves and debris if not cleaned regularly; tendency to freeze in the winter as well. 

Interior Drains: 

These are made up of many drains kept at a pre-planned location near to the middle of the roof. And an internal connection of pipes and gutters that work to move water to the outside of the building, keeping the water drainage safely away from the foundation. 

Strains are usually used on the top of the drains themselves to grab and collect leaves and debris that could drain to the gutters. Further, recommend for homes or business with large, flat roofs that an issue with water collecting and pooling in the center of the roof. 

Modified interior drainage option make this solution attractive for your home. 

Drawbacks of interior drains: 

Expensive than all other drainage options; needs special roofing professionals for appropriate installation that also increases the budget. 

It is important to have the right number of drains installed for successful drainage. 

As with gutters, a roof with an interior drainage system must be continuously monitored for dust and debris so a block can be avoided. 

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