How to Decide to Recover, Replace or Repair the Roof?

Properly designed, installed and maintained most commercial roofing systems are inevitable for long-term performance. Many systems can and will develop problems during their lifespan.

However, no matter how much damaged the roof is, there are options to correct problems with a commercial roof. Before determining which solution is the best suitable for a commercial roofing problem, it is important for commercial roofers to identify a few key factors about the building and the state of the roof damage.

You have to address many issues such as:

  • the nature and location of the building,
  • long- and short-term use of the building,
  • occupant requirements,
  • type of roofing system in place,
  • roof insulation and
  • potential moisture problems

Once a commercial roofing company identifies the building requirements and the physical issues affecting roof performance, the decision to recover, repair or replace the roof can be made based on the following criteria.

Recover a Commercial Roof

In the case that the installation of a roof is proper and is in sound condition, the option to recover may be the most effective solution. This may be the case primarily if a roof has good insulation and has not been recovered before since a roof can only be recovered once.

Recovering a roof is also more cost-effective and less disruptive than a full roof replacement. Extended or new warranties may also apply when recovering a commercial roof.

Repair a Commercial Roof

If there are minor damages on the roof, they can easily repaire or coat to increase the life of the roof.

This is the best solution if the roof membrane and insulation are in good condition. In addition, if the building owner would like to keep costs to a minimum.

Replace a Commercial Roof

If the nature of the roof damage is too extensive to recover or repair, full roof replacement may be the only option.

As a rule of thumb, if 25% or more of a roof is damage, it is best to replace it.

Another reason to replace the roof may have to do with the insulation, if it is too wet or not up to par.

Other factors to consider when looking into a full roof replacement include the owner’s long-term plans for a building. Lower maintenance costs, energy savings and taking advantage of the latest technologies and roofing materials.

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