Merits of Spray Foam By Mark’s Commercial Roofing | Kentucky

Spray foam is a type of insulation which is used throughout the entire home which blocks the infiltration areas through the air comes inside of the house, because of this efficiency increases of HVAC system at your place which results in low electricity cost.

There are two types of insulation foam spray open-cell and closed-cell. Open cell spray is less expensive than closed cell spray because of it dense but soft in touch It gives an effective sound dampening the effect.

Are you still confused why Spray Polyurethane Foam?

Don’t worry here are some of the advantages  of Spray Polyurethane Foam which will clear your concepts.


1. They are seamless: Seamless means this insulation doesn’t have any joint. It is an insulated roofing system where there is no chance of water or air can enter the building through the roof. Size doesn’t matters, its work on smaller as well as on larger roofs.

2. Lightweight: The weight of the foam is maximum between 2-3 pounds/cubic foot. One inch of foam insulation with 30 miles of elastomeric coating weighs approximately 60 pound/100 sq feet roofing system.

3. Easy to maintain: It is very easy to repair and modify it without removing the layer at a very nominal cost.

4. It is versatile: It can be applied to new as well as the old roof. It suitable for every roof whether it is flat-pitched domed or unusual slope. It can be used for tank leakage, freezer, coolers etc.

5. Noise reduction: Applying Spray insulation reduces annoying voice outside the building, works as a soundproof material.

6. Environmentally Friendly: Hence the foam is sprayed all over the roof, the waste material can be dumped as is does not contain any harmful substance that might affect the ozone layer. Spray foam reduces energy consumption and also uses polyps and recycled plastic, which reduces carbon footprint.

7. No damage to your health: Spray foam is well known for its retain R-value even in severe weather conditions, it means it does not break down. It is best and safe to install in your commercial building.

8. Reduces thermal shocks: Polyurethane foam roofing play a vital role because of its seamlessness, it has high “R” value and also covered by the reflective elastomeric coating, it decreases the thermal shock.

9. Long lasting: The coating above protects the polyurethane foam that can be regenerated by the re-application of the extra coating after the initial coatings system has weathered after many years of service.

10. Simple procedure: The sprayed polyurethane system can be practiced in a specific interval of time by the qualified polyurethane foam professionals.

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