Pros and cons of Flat roofing

Roofing is one of the important concerns of your building. The type of roofing you select can give a completely curb appeal and design of your house. People mostly prefer flat roofing because of it modern and stylish look, but people don’t know about the pros and cons of owning flat roof.

The flat roof is catchy and attractive and can make any house look professional, but it’s very important when you are planning to have something non-traditional on your home, you need to be aware with its merits and demerits so you can take a right decision for your home.

There many factors that need to be considered for you roofing choice, which includes cost, merits, and demerits. Considering them will help you to make a good decision in your roofing.

Let’s see what are the Pros and cons of flat roofing:

Cost is considered as the major benefit of having flat roofing on your building. Many people prefer flat roof because the material is available in the market for less than a dollar per square foot. Which is comparatively cheap than other roofing materials. In fact it the affordable way to give a brilliant and modern look to your building. With the low cost, it can be easily considered more affordable than traditional triangle roofing, which can save you money and time in the long run.

Additionally, you can also store stuff above the roof. IF you are planning to install an Ac in your building you can keep the outer unit over the top. Many people have also started installing solar panels on the flat roof so can use the energy and save money on electricity bills, so it another good advantage of flat roofing. With a flat roof, the choices are yours, and you can make whichever one you wish.

The biggest disadvantage of having a flat roof is drainage. Water can be easily gathered and may stink any hard to remove. There are solutions for water removal but they can be costly as well as time-consuming.

Another disadvantage is that the materials for the flat roof are fairly scared, and trust me there aren’t many to select. Whereas talking about traditional shingles on tiled roofs, you can install the materials quickly and easily, it can be a little difficult to search materials for a flat roof, and you won’t have much diversity with your options. The flat roof will be cheaper, but they may have some bad encounter and may not have the same benefits as tiles on your roof.

Ok, now we did with the merits and demerits of flat roofing. So if you are looking for a new roof, you might want to consider a flat roof for your home. If you do decide to make the plunge, be sure to contact us at Mark commercial roofing to help figure out a quote and estimate for your roofing job.
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