Tips for Working at Height By Mark’s Commercial Roofing

In our profession, there is no other option than working at height. Furthermore, sometimes you need to be working at height, at an angle, and on an uneven surface. Having safety procedures is paramount…sticking to them is even more important!

Having a head for working at height

Understanding the workings up on the roof is only part of the job for us all here at Mark’s Commercial Roofing. We obviously need our team members to know what needs to be done. Besides that, how to go about it but staying safe is always the number 1 priority.

The following are just a few of the guidelines we follow when working at height:

Do not go up there if you do not have to

Therefore, we have started on the hardest one of all for us to stick to. In our line of work, it is largely unavoidable, but for our customers, it certainly rings true. If you are, in any way unsure of whether you can complete or whatever has to do on your roof then call the experts straight away. Experience and knowledge mean that we can get the job done quickly, safely and with the least amount of risk.

Tips for Working at Height By Mark’s Commercial Roofing

Prepare well

Planning the work and equipment that you are going to need if working at height is essential. It is also worth putting a risk assessment together too, just so you’re fully aware of everything that could occur. Do not forget, if you are taking tools and equipment onto a roof, the risks may extend to people and items on the ground too.

Using the right equipment

By now, you have probably identified what tools you are going to use when you get up to the rooftop. Nevertheless, how are you going to get yourself and the bits of kit you need actually up there? Is a ladder going to be sufficient for the job or do you need to use a scaffold?

It may even be that powered access equipment might be needed. Whatever decision you come to should be made by sensibly evaluating risk and requirement. Do not forget to carry out regular checks on any equipment you use too. It might just be the difference between staying safe and having an accident.


We make sure that everyone in our team is trained on how to safely work at height. Not only that but they are also proficient in the use of equipment that will get them up to the roof. We are also sure constantly to look out for each other too. Ready to step in if a colleague finds himself or herself in any difficulty.

Evaluate the environment

Find out as much as you can about the environment you will be working in. If equipment needs to be taken up to the roof with you, make sure there is somewhere, where it can be stable and secure. Identify if there are any areas of weakness which could potentially cause an issue to those working at height or down below.

Monitor continually

Throughout the work, make sure that you are constantly reviewing the process and taking note of any changes to your environment. As with our line of work, being out in the open means that it’s important to take note of the weather and what the elements might be about to throw at you.

Take nothing for granted

Therefore, these are just a few of the considerations we take into account before and during a job working at height. Attention to detail is key and you should take nothing for granted. The bottom line? Always use the experts if you are in need of work on your roof. Experience and know-how are invaluable when working at height.

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