Conklin Roof System

We stand behind Conklin Roofing Systems because of their unparalleled product performance.

The Conklin Company has been developing innovative roofing systems for over 40 years. They didn’t start in the roofing industry though – Henry Conklin began the company by developing lubrication products. Once his two sons joined the business in 1969, they began working toward something bigger.

In 1976, Conklin Research and Development engineered a unique latex elastomeric technology exclusive to Conklin. The first in the market, Conklin’s new product dubbed “Rapid Roof” was the pioneer that changed the face of roofing forever. In 1978, as their first roofing product took off, they added an innovative product to their line known as “Kwik Kaulk.” Designed to work hand in hand with “Rapid Roof,” “Kwik Kaulk’s” appeal is that it remains flexible upon application.

Ideal for filling holes and cracks around joints, flashings, and fasteners, this product is still used today and is considered a premium latex caulking compound. With over three decades of tested and proven product performance, it’s easy to see why the Conklin Company is the most trusted roofing systems manufacturer in the industry.

What makes Conklin roofing so unique is the technical training that accompanies it. Any contractor that wants to work with Conklin’s systems must attend a two-day training seminar. Only once the certification is earned can a company represent the roofing industry leader. The reason contractors want to use Conklin roofing systems is because of the proven success behind every product and Conklin’s reputation for standing behind their products. Our team is confident you will see the value in Conklin’s roof coatings that offer superior protection against the elements and provide substantial energy savings.

Many roofs that were first coated in the 1970’s still haven’t needed to be replaced! Backed by renewable, non-prorated warranties that cover labor and materials, many owners have earned their money back before the warranty has lapsed. We are excited to discuss Conklin’s award-winning products with you and help you find the best fit for your commercial roofing needs. Call us to see the what the difference is with Conklin products and DMD Commercial Roofing.

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