EPDM Roof Restoration

The US Environmental Protection Agency rated EPDM Roof Restoration as the #1 choice for environmental sustainability.

Does your roof have irregularities that have caused roofing issues in the past? Choosing EPDM Roof Restoration for your roof will give you a long-lasting, flexible finish that is perfect for the difficult angles a historic or unique roof requires. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, also known as rubber roofing, is a versatile rubber that has been used in roofing for over 50 years!

It works great as a flame retardant and is designed to seal a roof against wear and weathering. With rapid and easy installation, Mark's Commercial Roofing will ensure that your business continues running even during the restoration process.

Energy Saver

EPDM roofing comes in two distinct colors: white and black. In northern climates, darker colored roofs are more energy-efficient and cost-effective than their lighter counterparts. A study found that during the cooler seasons, the thermal heat loss with a white membrane is 30% higher than the black EPDM. Mark's Commercial Roofing will help you make the best decision for your business and building.

Long Lasting

Mark's Commercial Roofing recommends EPDM systems for those who desire a long lifecycle for their roof. With excellent resistance to the ozone and UV rays, it can last decades long with only minor maintenance. Known to outperform roofs half its age – EPDM is sure to be a great option, delivering a longer return on investment. With an excellent warranty program and installation performed by licensed contractors, Mark's Commercial Roofing will ensure the long life of your roof.

Earth Friendly

A study done by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency discovered that when compared to other roofing restorations, this rubber roofing material demonstrates the lowest global warming potential, smog impact, and acid rain impact. Given its environmental sustainability, Greenpeace has named EPDM the leading choice for roofing systems. With the ability to make simple repairs instead of producing massive tear-down waste, it’s easy to see that Mark's Commercial Roofing is committed to staying eco-friendly with their EPDM restoration.

Weather Warrior

Mother Nature is the scourge of roofing. No matter what she throws your way, EPDM will keep you and your company dry! Since EPDM elongates over 300% to accommodate building movements, the extreme temperatures that can expand or contract your roofing material will never damage it. EPDM has been tested to withstand temperatures of -120°F to 300°F! Fully adhered roofing systems have a high wind uplift performance rating so you’ll be able to withstand hurricane winds with the least amount of membrane fluttering.

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